How to sell when you’re shy and introvert?


For several years now, this is what I’m striving for.

Freedom to do the things I love.
Freedom to afford these experiences.
Freedom to do them on my own time.

I was really depressed in late 2014. I wanted to quit my job, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, my life became boring and I wanted change. An opportunity came to work for another company so I jumped in – maybe this is the change I needed.

After 6 months into my new job and company, I’m depressed again. Sure, work is more manageable, salary and benefits are better but how come I was still feeling depleted?
That’s when I realized that I need to create the change I’m looking for. 

I focused on my mental health and start manifesting consciously. For 3 years, I keep on asking myself, “How can I have the freedom that I want?” “What does this freedom looks like?” “How do I know if I achieve it?”

And in that 3 short years, I created a lot of things – published a book, created several businesses, 2 blogs, and The Wealthy Pinay. But can I be truthful here? 

All these things ain’t easy. I didn’t wake up one day feeling I can conquer the world and then really conquered it. It’s more like, “Yes! I can do this” to “What am I getting myself into?” 

The book didn’t just write on its own. Planning a business is exciting and fun until you start building it (and working on it). Continuously creating content for TWP is not easy when you’re a mother, a wife, and you spend 12 hours a day at your daytime job. None of it is easy.

But I love it and I want more of this life! You might be aware that this June 2019, the family and I will go back to the Philippines for good. It’s a big leap of faith. We are leaving behind a comfortable lifestyle in Dubai to start something unfamiliar. Am I scared? I don’t want to sound cocky, but no. My faith is bigger than my fear.

Baby Lyn Joy circa 2005. Very new in Dubai and have no idea what she wanted in life

But is it easy to start a business?

Well, based on experience and as I have seen from hundreds of startups, planning and starting a business is easy. For sure you’ve seen it too. Friends and family start selling stuff on Facebook. Actively promoting their product and service. Your newsfeed is flooded for weeks with their updates and then gradually… pffftttt! They’re gone.

Do you know what happened? They realized that selling is difficult. That promoting it on Facebook won’t translate to sales. And the greatest realization of all – they are actually shy and introvert to ask people to buy from them.

How do I know these reasons? Because I was damn one of them.

A newbie Lyn Joy started selling and promoting stuff but realized that ‘selling’ and ‘promoting’ are things that she didn’t want to do. She likes creating and solving problems but selling, no. The result? No one noticed her except friends and family who felt pity.

Unfortunately, no matter how great your products or services are, customers won’t buy from you in a heartbeat. I learned it the hard way. Our nail salon used to have zero sales in a day. It’s disheartening when rent and salaries still need to get paid.

It took a lot of training, trial and errors, and mindset shifts before I started to see change. Nowadays, our gross sales would be more than 100k monthly. My first book almost sold out in less than 3 months. The Wealthy Pinay website attracts thousands of views every month.

Can it also happen to you? Can you build a business from scratch and earn 6 figures a month? My honest answer?

It depends. It depends on how bad you want to make it work. It depends if you want change in your life. It depends if you’re willing to work hard for it and hustle like you never hustled before.

Does it require you to be intelligent, smart, good in numbers, extrovert, rich, have a big network, etc.? My honest answer again – NO. I don’t have any of that. You know my strengths? I am dreamer, a believer, and an action-taker. That’s it.

And I’m never like this before. I don’t necessarily consider myself as risk taker rather I’m so practical and logical that I would think twice before taking any big risks. But as I said earlier, I learned to have faith in God and I trust Him more. The fact alone that an idea is seeded in my mind, it means He’s guiding me and if I won’t take action because of my fear then where’s my faith?

If you don’t know, I created a 3-part video series on how you can start a profitable business from scratch.

Part 1 talks about finding the right business idea that suits your money personality.

Part 2 is all about Selling that is not icky or yucky – this video is up now.

Part 3 answers all your questions about starting a business. What if I don’t have money? What if I fail? What if it won’t work? I don’t know anything.

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