How to feel abundant even if you’re broke

So how can you feel abundant even when you’re broke?

The Law of Attraction states that the more abundant we feel the more we attract it into our life. 

If you always find yourself strapped for cash, worrying about due dates, and having sleepless nights trying to figure out where to get the money to pay for your bills, then I guess you have to change how you think about money.

First and foremost, STOP thinking that you don’t have enough.
Remember, every thought is an energy that vibrates and then manifests.

In life, it’s so easy to think about what is lacking.
– I still don’t have a child.
– Tuyo na naman ang ulam namin.
– My child is failing in school.

We then get depressed and everything goes downhill. Negative thoughts breed negative energies.

I know it’s easier said than done but if you focus on things that you have instead of what’s lacking, you will shift the energy into something positive.

  • How grateful it is to wake up in the morning and to be beside your partner.
  • How great that your child is now in Grade 3 and seems to be enjoying school.
  • Your baby can now crawl and she smiles like an angel.
  • It’s such a blessing that you’re healthy and not suffering from any terminal illness.

To be abundant you must learn first to be grateful.

Feeling abundant is not only about money. List down all the good things in your life – may it be personal, professional and health-wise. Be truly happy that you have all these things in your life.

Now, let us do these exercises.

Exercise 1:

Most of the time, even though we want to purchase something so badly, we won’t buy it kasi wala tayong pera. Madalas lagi natin sinasabi, “Wala akong pera para dyan.” “Wala yan sa budget ko.” “Anak, hindi tayo mayaman.

In these instances, we’re letting money decide kung ano lang ang pwede natin gawin or bilhin. Money became more powerful than us, do you agree?

If you find yourself saying the above-mentioned lines, do this exercise:

Put one large bill in your wallet. May it be 1,000 Pesos, $100 or 500 dirhams but DO NOT use it. Whenever there’s an urge to buy something from Shopee, tell yourself, “Well, may pera ko pero hindi ko sya bibilhin ngayon. Hindi ko sya priority. Next time na lang.

What does this imply? Not buying that cute mug is now YOUR choice. May pera ka naman di ba? Pero ayaw mo sya gastusin.
This is a very important mindset shift – you become empowered and not the money. You’re the one who have decided and not let money decide for you.

Exercise 2:

Eto naman opposite,  this time I encouraged you to buy (exciting, right?!)

<<BIG REMINDER: always spend less than what you earn. That’s the cardinal rule to become wealthy. >>

– Replace your bacon bra and panty.
– Buy that organic juice you’ve been eyeing for sometime now.
– Want to dine in that Japanese restaurant? Do it!

Why am I giving these advice? 

I want you to feel the abundance that these experiences give you.

Buying new underwears, even though no one will actually see them, can make you feel deserving of nice things. It’s nice to think that underneath an ukay ukay dress is a Victora Secret panty. How abundant, right?

Exercise 3:

Here is another money exercise you can do. If you’re dreading receiving mails since you know they’re just bills, try this:

Every time a bill arrives, close your eyes before opening the envelope. Imagine that it’s actually a cheque written for you. Imagine how it feels to receive money from the mail. Ang saya di ba?
Then open the mail and look at the amount, be glad on the number you’re seeing. Feel the joy and gratitude.

Do this exercise whenever you’re receiving bills from post or via e-mail.

Sure, this is a fleeting moment because those bills are really for payment. But the positive energy you felt will gradually turn into something good. Training our mind to focus on the good, to see things half full rather than half empty, to constantly daydream and believe our dreams can be our reality – are all VERY important steps to manifest the life we want. Before you know it, the Universe will be delivering what you desire.


Remember one of the TWP mantras? Dream. Believe. Take Actions.

Exercises I gave you cover the Dream and Believe parts. These exercises helped me manifest a lot of my dreams.

It’s nice to feel abundant, but it’s better to actually be truly abundant, right?
If you’re really broke, continue the money exercises mentioned above and then start looking for cash.

  • If friends owe you money, it’s time to get in touch with them.
  • Join contests on social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that let you win freebies.
  • Sell some of your used stuff. What you think as trash is probably treasure to others.
  • Think of ways to earn money. Kung wala ka maisip, I will judge you.

And be thankful every time you receive money no matter how big or small. Imagine receiving more of them every single time.

Remember, money is just an idea.
There are far more important things in life than money. Your family, your health, your relationship to people, God.
Money can buy things but it can never buy true happiness.
Money is everywhere and it is within your grasp.
You just need to open your eyes to see them.
Let money work for you and not the other way around.

Say this aloud: I’m safe. I’m blessed. I deserve all the good things in the world.

Happy manifesting!

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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