Halo Halo atbp.

I usually draft my blog content by creating a title and then start writing based on that. It serves as my guide to stick to the ‘theme’. But it’s been 15 minutes of staring onto my laptop and nothing comes out unless I want to title this post as ‘Halo Halo atbp.’ which I might end up doing. lol. <Post edit: nangyari nga ūüėā>

Less than 3 months to go and we’re finally saying adios to our 2nd home for 14 long years (clich√© but where did those years go?). I sometimes feel a little sadness and nostalgia but with lots of things happening, I can’t really think about it now. Maybe I’ll have the full MMK drama during our last week (but I’m not looking forward it).

What keeps me on my toes these past few weeks?

First, our house. We’re on the finishing part which is exciting and stressful. Exciting because we get to choose any material, color, texture, design that we want from the most basic (like the cornice and cabinet hinges) to the larger pieces (ceiling lamps and toilet bowls). Stressful because of the same reasons. Can you imagine deciding for each and every piece in your home? I sometimes feel it’s better to buy a pre-built house and just modify the interior later on. Building a house is not for someone who doesn’t have a patience and attention to details (unless you give the contractor and architect the free will to do whatever they like).

Konting kembot na lang…

Of course, new house requires new things. New furnitures, new appliances, new kitchen items, new bed frames, which all leads to one thing… shopping!!! If we’re not buying stuff in the store physically then I do online shopping.

I got myself 150 pieces of new hangers. Joy! Haha ūüôā

It was just AED 59 yesterday. Baka kasi napansin nila na meron hoarder ng hangers so tinaasan nila ang price.

Also bought some IKEA stuff for kitchen.

Husband said na hindi na daw maubos yung pina-pack nya sa CMG.

Speaking of CMG, we’ve sent more than a dozen boxes already which makes me wonder, mas mura siguro na pina container namin. But actually, we’re shipping few things in a container later (like the irregular and over-sized items that won’t fit inside the box). Magastos mag relocate dear.

Naging model na si Sir sa dami ng boxes na pinadala nya ūüėā

Aside from the house, what else keeps me occupied? Well, helping the hubby with his new business! It’s super exciting and the creative and problem solver in me is having the time of her life.

Had to blur the name muna until we register it legally.

With all the things I’m sharing with you, I know there might be an impression that our move back home is very easy, planned well, sorted out, etc. I know because I’ve seen and heard so many comments on how ‘blessed’ and ‘lucky’ we are for finally going back home. I know lots of people think we have millions in the bank and we can afford to risk everything because we’ve got so much money. How I wish!!!

Yes, we planned an exit strategy. Yes, my husband and I have few income stream ideas. But are we sure if these ideas will work out?

The answer – NO. We don’t have 100% certainty.

I’ll be frank, now that our leaving date is nearing, I have these moments of being shit scared. Are we making the biggest mistake of our lives? Are we so stupid and cocky to think that we can live a nice life in the Philippines? Why are we risking our comfortable life in Dubai just because of a dream?

Do you know what I do when I feel scared or stressed? Tapping. “What the hell is that Lyn Joy?”

I mentioned this in my book, tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is simply a combination of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology where you tap gently on different parts of the body with your fingertips to release anxiety or stress. Call it a placebo effect but it always work for me.

Aside from tapping, I learned how to manage my fear.

Venturing into unknown and stepping out of our comfort zones are always a scary endeavor. Our subconscious will always give a warning sign whenever we try or even think of change. It meant to keep us safe. Our mind is also trying to protect us from shame, sadness, disappointment and a gamut of other negative emotions that change might cause us.

I never aspire to have a fearless life. Fear is good. It prevents us from jumping off a building or driving crazily at 160 kms per hour. So how do I deal with my fear? I have a lengthy and clear talk with it.

“Thank you fear for keeping me safe. I¬†appreciate¬†that¬†you’re¬†always¬†with¬†me.¬†But¬†you¬†know what,¬†it’s¬†ok.¬†
I¬†want¬†to¬†try something¬†new and I really want to do this or I might regret not pursuing it. I’ll allow you to be my passenger but you can’t control the steering wheel. I’ll be the driver and you’ll just sit there quietly eating popcorn. Don’t even touch the radio!”

When planning out your next step, be aware that fear will be there. Acknowledge that you have it because it’s futile to deny that you’re scared. It’s better to understand where your fear comes from then from there try to answer each concern.

Don’t stop just because you’re fearful. Live the life you’ve imagined for yourself.

I reached the end of my post yet I still haven’t figured out the title of this article. After reading this, anong tingin nyo na title ng blog post na ‘to? ūüėä

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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