"For years, I have been researching on how I can start stock investing. I read a handful of articles explaining Philippine stock market, how to identify the best stock, what to look for, and pitfalls to avoid. Very useful indeed but I want to know the very basic - like where and how should I start? Call it the stock investment tutorial for dummies but that's what I need!!!

 "How can I create my own stock account?"
"Who should I contact?"
"Can someone teach me how to buy my first stock?"

I actually paid someone just to learn the very basics. Did I regret paying? Not really. In the end, I learned what I needed to learn and that is good enough for me."

And I want to share this information to beginners like me. It might seem very basic but coming from someone who wants to learn stock investing but have no idea how to start or where to get the information, I know this tutorial is very useful.

This is a Goldmine!

What Can You Learn from this Tutorial?

  • 1

    How to open an online stock trading account.

    This is specifically for opening an account with COL Financial.

  • 2

    Step-by-step guide on how to purchase your first stock.

    With screenshots! Even a 10-year old can easily follow the instructions.

  • 3

    Learn how to sell your stock.

    And again with screenshots. Because I hate jargons and complicated wordings.

What this Tutorial is NOT?

  • 1

    This is not for those who already started investing with Philippine Stock Exchange.

    This tutorial teaches the step-by-step guide from opening an account with COL Financial up to buying and selling your first stock. This ebook will not be beneficial to you if you know these steps already.

  • 2

    This will not give advice on what stocks to buy

    I'm not a financial expert and I don't claim to be.

  • 3

    This will not ask you to buy anything afterwards.

    This free tutorial has no strings attached. Just sharing the knowledge to everyone who would want to know the Step 1 on stock investing.

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