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Manifest the Life and Business 
You've Imagined for Yourself 

Have you always felt that you're meant to achieve something amazing? Sure, you're grateful for everything but deep inside something's amiss. As if you're just waiting for the right time and opportunity to finally live the life you truly want.

Message from Lyn Joy

"In late 2017, I've started The Wealthy Pinay. The idea is to share everything I know about money mindset. I'm a living testament on how by being more intentional with our goals, all doors suddenly open. It was an amazing discovery that I want to share with everybody. 

Mind you, having an abundant mindset is more than being a positive thinker. Improving one's mindset will require clearing your money blocks, understanding your self-sabotages, and being intentional with your money goals. Many women think they just need to work harder, study better, and make huge sacrifices to be successful. These beliefs are so ingrained in our core that it's hard to shake them off. 

Wealth and Success = Sacrifice and Hard Work

I realized that this shouldn't be the case. We are all truly abundant from the day we were born, and I used my newfound knowledge to improve my personal and financial life. From drowning in credit card debt just a few years ago, I am now running my own businesses and finally fulfilled my dream to be a stay-at-home mom.  It's not like I became more blessed or luckier; I didn't work harder or sold my soul to the devil - the only thing I improved was my abundant mindset. 

I then shared all these "secrets" by regularly writing blog posts and videos. I am giving away so many free resources (useful and quality content) at The Wealthy Pinay - from positivity to money mindset; business to online marketing. Everyone deserves to know this! Pinays all over the world started to message me on how my blog posts, videos, and newsletters helped them with their personal and financial journeys, too.  

It IS possible for a woman to be the leader and CEO that she dreams to be. Our world needs more of us.

Whatever is your skill, talent, or passion - you can turn all these into a money-generating business you can start from the convenience of your home - without forcing yourself to wear a bra, without commuting for long hours, only spending as little as 2 hours a day, heck you can even do this while having a regular job! 

You are an amazing, smart, and a hardworking woman. You are meant to achieve your goals. The only thing that blocks you from reaching your ultimate dream is your money mindset. This is where Pinay Money Bootcamp can help you. Not only you'll learn about online marketing, branding, different persuasion techniques, and technical stuff for your business, more importantly, you'll clear all your money blocks, reprogram your money beliefs, and remove all your fears about wealth and abundance. The result? Living the lifeyou've imagined for yourself.

Just Dream. Believe. Take lots of Inspired Actions.

I staThe 

Can I be honest with you? You’ll be fine if you don’t do Pinay Money Bootcamp. It's not like something bad will happen.

But to be frank, there is probably nothing amazing will happen either. You'll still be stuck with your money blocks. You'll still be waiting for the perfect time. You'll still hope that the 'best' opportunity will come along.  You'll still be surrounded by people who don't understand your desire for a bigger life. And worst, you'll probably waste years (and money!) trying to figure out your passion and lose the great opportunity to earn massively from it.


I know that I have it in me to make my dreams possible. I just don't know how and where to start. Lyn Joy's goal-setting workshop gives the clarity on how to proceed, and the confidence that I can really achieve my goals.

Katrine Joyce Linsangan


Make it happen

I was able to bring my kids to live with me, went on holidays with them, and started several businesses because of Lyn Joy's mentorship. I can't be more grateful to all her sensible and well-guided advice. Being a single mother is hard but Lyn Joy helped me believed in myself and I'm so thankful that we crossed path.

Joy Magadan


Manifest it

 Lyn Joy told me to use intentional manifesting - to write down my dreams with a date. I took note of that and started practicing. I just want to share that today, after 3 months of inner work, my visa got approved!

Mares Sanchez


6 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Start and Grow Your Online Business

Money Mindset. Marketing. Branding. Create Your Online Presence.

Uncover your Unique Magic

From Zone of Burnout 
to finding your Zone of Magic.
This is Lyn Joy's zone of genius!

Strong Business Foundation

Before selling, first create a business with a strong solid foundation. Find your niche, create your brand, know your business model, and more!

Guide to Persuasion

Sell. Sell. Sell. 
Marketing that's not sleazy, yucky, or icky. Find people who just don't praise you but also buys from you!

Manifest that life

Clear all your money blocks. Manifest like a boss babe. Everything you need to uncover to live the life you've imagined for yourself.

Build Your Online Presence

From creating a website, to sending newsletters. Learn the basic techy stuff to reach your customers and sell your products and services.

TWP Mindset

This is The Wealthy Pinay chillionaire (chill millionaire) mindset. How can you bring in the cash without working like a horse?

About Your Mentor

Lyn Joy Talag-Cruz

Can you imagine a world of powerful, wealthy, heart-centered women who inspire, uplift and change the lives of others?

Whenever I'm asked, "What's your passion?", my answer will always be to help Pinays reach their fullest money potential. 

My goal is for you not only to dream but DREAM BIG! 
Because I know you have it in you.
And you can be the rich woman you want to be. 

Rich and gypsy. Rich and cool. Rich and a cat lover. Rich and nice.
Rich and loves ukay. Rich and fabulous. Rich and God-fearing.

If you want to build an online business but don't know how to start, I can help you. If you can't seem to manifest the life you know you deserve, I can help you. If you want to share your talent and your message to be heard, I can help you.

Your Questions Answered

Will this work for me?

You need to invest a few hours a day to go through the exercises and worksheets. You need to plan. You need to take the actions.

I'm not a genie that can magically make your wishes come true but what I have are the approach and framework that helped me retire from my daytime job, published a book, started several online and traditional business, and be able to give back more to my community.

How will I attend the workshop?

Accessible. Convenient. Easy.

Once registered, you will receive an email with your username and password to log-in to your account. You will have all access to worksheets, templates, tutorials and videos. We will also have a private Facebook group for all the students of the Pinay Money Bootcamp.

Is there a guarantee that I'll be rich?

No. I can't guarantee. I'm not a fairy. I can't do the work for you either. If you want a get-rich-quick scheme, then let us spare both ourselves the trouble and don't register.

However, I believe that Pinay Money Bootcamp is life-changing for women who are dreamers and action-takers that only needs guidance, support and some kick. Because of this belief to the amazing program, I offer a money back guarantee. 

After 7 days and you think Pinay Money Bootcamp is not right for you, then I'll refund your money right away!

How long is the program?

There is no deadline. You can complete the course as per your timeline. You will complete 1 module per week and finish it in 6 weeks. 

However, there is no rush to complete the course right away. As long as The Wealthy Pinay is in business, you will have access to all its contents plus updated versions for life!

I'm not yet ready. Can I join later?

This is an evergreen course meaning that you can register anytime as soon as you're ready. However, I can't guarantee that the price will remain the same in a few months.

My one-on-one business coaching for 6 months is priced at P50,000. Why am I offering Pinay Money Bootcamp then for P3,479? First, this is a new business model for me and I'm testing the waters. Second, this is a group coaching and I'll be earning more for the same amount of effort. Lastly, pricing it competitively means greater chance you'll try it. You can easily recover your investment in a few months, I guarantee!

Does this stuff works?

There are many business and wealth coaches out there, most of them are men. Being a women, we are different from them - physiologically, energetically - and their methods don't exactly fit our heart-centered, soul-centered approach. 

I never teach anything that doesn't work for me nor not willing to try. I walk the talk. I only teach what I've put into practice in my own life. The same stuff that affords me to have several businesses, fat bank account, publish a book, retire at 39, and extend all these graces to others. 

Ready to Start Building Your Amazing Business and Life?

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I have 100% belief that Pinay Money Bootcamp can change your life if you'll allow it that's why I'm confident to give your money back guarantee if you don't like what you see in 7 days. No questions asked.

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