Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever!

If traditional goal-setting fails you then what you need is an entirely different approach - The Wealthy Pinay (and Pinoy) way!


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How many times have you set a goal and stopped midway through?

You started with so much enthusiasm but failed to sustain the momentum? If traditional goal setting is not working for you then you need to try The Wealthy Pinay approach - a combination of Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Law of Attraction.

You know you have it in you. You have the drive, the desire and the guts. But why can't you achieve the life you've imagined for yourself? Savings get derailed. Can't get that promotion. Just when you thought you're in control of your weight, BAM! The kilos are back again...

Some FAQ

Will this work for me?

You need to invest a few hours a day to go through the exercises and worksheets. You need to plan. You need to take the actions.

I'm not a genie that can magically make your wishes come true but what I have are the approach and framework that helped me retire from my daytime job, published a book, started several online and traditional business, and be able to give back more to my community.

This approach requires you to plan and be open to try different ideas. What you'll learn is more than writing SMART goals because, I believe, you tried it and didn't work, right?

How will I attend the workshop?

Accessible. Convenient. Easy.

Once registered, you will be added to a private Facebook group that will serve as our "classroom". You will have all access to worksheets, templates, tutorials and videos. You can share your goal progress with the community and let's cheer each other's success!

Why are you pricing it so affordable?

This only costs you P2,499.  Yup! just 2,499 pesos for all the immense value you'll get. Why am I pricing this low? Two things:

  1. I want to deliver amazing content and receive positive feedbacks from this training. This feedback will be useful for my next courses.
  2. My way of helping you. Because I believe in you. I know that you have what it takes and I truly understand your frustration. I've been there and I know that this workshop will tremendously help you.

Why is this workshop not free? Honestly, if it's free, you won't pay attention nor finish the course. The reality of life is that we give value to something that we invested in and I want you to invest in yourself.

What others are saying about TWP's Goal Setting and Manifesting Workshop?

"Getting my first rental property Ms.Lyn! Through manifestation techniques you taught me. Ang galing po talaga! "

GC Katzie - Dubai

"I was able to bring my kids to live with me, went on holidays with them, and started several businesses because of your mentorship. I can't be more grateful of all your sensible and well-guided advice. Being a single mother is hard but you helped me believed in myself and I'm so thankful that we crossed path."

Jo Magadan - UAE

"You told me to use intentional manifesting - to write down your dreams with date - I took note of that and started practicing. I just want to share with you that today, after 3 months of inner work my visa got approved!"

Mares Sanchez - Makati

"Honestly before, I was not really 100% confident in manifesting kahit na paulit ulit ko pinapanood videos mo and inaaral lessons mo but last night was my turning point... Unti unting nag-a-unfold sa harap ko yung mga bagay na gusto ko maachieve sa buhay ko."

Joyz Linsangan - Dubai

The Modules

Unit #1 - Dream and Believe It's Possible

Believe you can and you're halfway there. But how can you make yourself believe when reality is hitting you on the face? Powerful truths to create instant breakthrough.

Unit #2 - How to Turn Past Failures to Future Successes

It's not that you didn't try. Setting goals is easy, it's the 'reaching them' part that fails you. Here's an exercise to figure out why you keep on failing with your yearly goals.

Unit #3 - TWP Formula for setting no-fail goals

A long, detailed, step-by-step formula to make sure 2020 will be your best year ever!

Unit #4 - Visualization or Mental Rehearsal Technique

The juiciest of all: Make it happen!

Unit #5 - Sustain Motivation and Momentum

Proven tactics to help you attain your goal month-to-month to increase your chances of success all year long!

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

I have no doubt you'll get tremendous value on this workshop but if you don't agree it's worth every peso, I will refund your money immediately. Well, it might take 1-2 days but you'll receive it back, guaranteed! No questions, no hassle. Just let me know within 3 days after your purchase.


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