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Nowadays, whenever I want something I simply tell myself that I can get it, and lo and behold, I achieve most of it.
I call it my self-fulfilling prophecy.

Words and thoughts are so powerful that I always use it on my advantage. I dream big, I believe it’s possible and I take lots of inspired actions. That’s my recipe for success.

And I so freaking believe that my recipe is true because in just a short span of 2 years, I am able to achieve all the things that I was only dreaming for the last than 10 years. And the people whom I’ve shared this thought over  several coffee breaks, lunch dates and heart to heart talks have followed the same recipe and now have manifested things that they were only wishing earlier.

But I know that these beliefs are easier said than done and no matter how much I try to propagate these ideas I will never be able to explain it in writing nor in one go.

And that is why I created The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp. I want to share what I know, the actions I did, the mindset I have practiced to help me achieve many things that before was just a dream.

“I wish I can quit my job..”
“I’ll study culinary one day and then start my restaurant business..”
“I wish I can travel with my parents..”
“I’ll go back home once I’ve saved enough..”

Have you been planning for something for years and never started it? Have you been waiting for the right time and the perfect opportunity?
Have you been aspiring for that beautiful life but never really done anything to kickstart it?

You procrastinated long enough. Do your self a favor and invest in yourself.

Only until today, December 23, avail the early bird offer of Php 499 (regular price of Php 1899). Make 2018 your most productive and prosperous year.

It’s time to live the life you really imagined.

I hope I can answer some of your questions in this video, if there’s anything I missed, please drop me a message.


Register now for The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp and take action.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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