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I am not a psychic but I think I know what your dreams are…

You want a life that is free from worry
You dream of helping your family and share them your time and money whenever they need it
You want financial independence
You want to focus on being happy and healthy
You want to create your ideal lifestyle
You want to make a difference in the world
You just want to live the life you have imagined for yourself

Did I get them right?

I know these are your dreams because they are my dreams too.
And the fact that you are reading this now is not just an accident. I know there is a reason why you were lead on this page.

Why am I doing this boot camp?

In late 2000, I started to become an adult. I had my first child, became a working mom, rented our own place and did what I think all young adults had to go through.

With our meager salaries, my husband and I tried to support our parents back home and made sure our child was living comfortably with us in Dubai.

We had to make it work!

Just like many Overseas Filipino mothers, I gave birth in the Philippines and left my child immediately to report back to work (In my case, my baby was only 45 days when I left). I thought I was ok with that.
We are doing it for his future, right?

But I realized I can’t live like that forever. And so I told my husband that either I go back home or my son will live with us. The decision was easy - we will bring him in Dubai.

From the outside it seems everything was working out well.

But I found myself charging everything to credit cards. Our salaries were not enough to pay for all our expenses.

We have our parents to support in the Philippines, we have a car loan to pay, rent to settle, and the expenses just kept on piling up.

When I maxed out my first card, I got another one. And when I maxed the second card, I applied for my 3rd, 4th and 5th credit card.

Soon, it was getting difficult to survive monthly, specially the last days of the month.
We always end up borrowing more.
And that has been our cycle for few years.

It was tiring, emotionally tiring.

And I wonder why is it happening to me?

I am a smart girl.
I only have good intentions.
I only want the best for my family.
I never buy things I don’t need.

Yet, why am I experiencing all these?

During those times I felt

Until I realized that instead of self-pitying, I should take action. This is what responsible women do.

I started focusing on eliminating our debts. I always try to pay more than minimum. I started listing our expenses. We stop spending on unnecessary things.

And when I thought that we’re finally on track, some unexpected expenses will show up – our car broke down, my son got sick, there’s emergency in the Philippines and I needed to send money.

It was a never-ending cycle. Never ending…

If you ask me that one thing which kept me going, I would say it’s my Faith.

Faith that all shall pass.
Faith that it’s not the end of the world.
Faith that we will make it through.

And although I am feeling all these negative emotions, I knew deep in my heart that God will provides.

I have combined my faith with strong desire for change and did lots of inspired actions.

Now, in 2017:

  • I have my own nail salon business in the Philippines.
  • We bought a property in Paranaque in cash
  • We have several mutual fund investments.
  • We are travelling at least twice a year.
  • I can afford to eat in a restaurant without being bothered by the menu price.
  • I was able to pledged more than a million pesos for my parent's home renovation with taking a loan.
  • My husband was able to buy a car for his parents.
  • We have several children sponsored through World Vision.

We are not extremely rich but we are now living comfortably, so very far from those years that we were swimming in debt.

I am not enumerating these things to brag.
I am actually not comfortable sharing numbers and figures with everyone because it might be mistaken as boasting.

The same way that I was hesitant to tell you my debt stories, and that feeling of helplessness.

But I realized if no one is willing to open and share, how can we learn from each other?

And this is the reason why I am doing this boot camp. I have been there. I know the struggle. I exactly know how it feels.

Are you wishing, hoping and praying for the same thing?

  • The desire to get out of debt
  • Wishing to have a higher salary
  • Hoping to have savings to cover for emergency
  • Wanting to live a good life
  • Having an own business
  • Wishing to be a stay-at-home mom to take care of the kids full-time
  • Helping others financially without jeopardizing the monthly budget
  • Not even thinking of a budget and just spend as much as you wish
  • Having your own home

And do you also wonder why it feels so hard?

You don’t spend on unnecessary things yet there’s nothing left every month.

Just when you have saved a little, an unexpected expense comes up.

Your partner doesn’t seem to be interested on the same goals as you have.

You have a great business idea but don’t know how to grow it or raise the required capital.

You are praying so hard and doing novenas to several saints yet your prayers are not granted.

You are a dreamer and maintain a positive mindset but wonder why you are still broke?

If you see yourself to any of these then this boot camp might help you.

The primary goal of this course is to encourage all Filipinas to take care of their own financial journey.

This is a not a get-rich quick scheme.
You won’t be selling anything. You don’t need to recruit members. This is not networking.

If you are here thinking that there would be a pot of gold waiting for you after completing this course, then I don’t think it will happen.

But what you will acquire is invaluable tools and resources that will kick start to achieve whatever goal you have.

In this boot camp, you will learn

  • To better understand your relationship with money
  • To recognize your money blocks and how to release them
  • How to properly set a goal
  • Ways on how you can manifest your ideal life
  • Practical actions to pay loans and get out of debt
  • How to save and build an emergency fund
  • Ways to grow income like investing, stocks and creating businesses

Note that I am not a financial expert. I don’t claim to be and I will not teach something that I don’t know pretending that I do.

This is what you can expect from the boot camp:

  • The financial lessons I learned along the way. (How I get out of debt, steps I did to increase savings, and all other money lessons I learned)
  • The concepts that worked for me and didn’t. (They say it’s good practice to write down all your expenses daily, right? Well, it didn’t worked for me.)
  • The daily mindset exercises that I do to manifest things in my life. (This stuff is unbelievable!)
  • The mantras I kept telling myself that helped me achieve my goals. (I don’t share this with anyone because they might think I’m cray cray but they are working and made me a millionaire!)
  • How I set goals and action steps I take to ensure I reached them. (It’s more than writing it in a notebook)
  • Although I’m not a financial guru, I will share with you how I setup my business in the Philippines, the mutual funds I invested in, and that I finally learned how to do stocks (This is totally major for me since there was a time that I cannot even understand the ‘Stock Investments for Dummies’. I’m dumber than dumb).

How I wish I have this course when I was starting.

I wish there were ‘normal’ people that I can relate to whom are willing to share their knowledge with me.

Someone who can guide me.

Someone I can consider my mentor.
But there were none.

In retrospect, maybe it was my fault. And you might be doing the same mistakes now.

Are you thinking that you already know what I’m saying?

Are you too proud to admit that you actually need help?

Instead of having a ‘know-it-all’ attitude, I researched. I read, read and read.

I participated in forums, I joined trainings, I stretched myself and went out of my comfort zone.

When I was starting on my financial journey, my goal is to just get out of debt. When I’m finally free of it, I then focus on saving. When I had few thousands in the bank, I realized that I can make my money work for me instead of me working for money.

My ultimate dream is FREEDOM.

Freedom of TIME

  • To spend my days and nights doing what I want and love to do
  • To wake up late or sleep early without thinking of going to work
  • To focus on my children and my family
  • To volunteer my time and not only give money to charities that resonates with me
  • To do things only when I want to do it

Freedom of PLACE

  • To live anywhere in the world because I can afford to
  • To have home (or homes) where I feel safe and at peace
  • To be near my parents, my siblings, my loved ones and not be forced to live away from them

Freedom of CHOICE

  • To focus on my hobbies and interests
  • To work only when I want to
  • To travel, to meditate, to do yoga retreats and be away for weeks
  • To build charity that will focus on education and feeding

Freedom of PEOPLE

  • To surround myself only with people that I want to interact with
  • To not deal with negative colleagues day-in and day-out
  • Not to deal with mean bosses and officemates

and the most important of all

Freedom of PURPOSE

To be able to influence as many women as possible
For them to believe in themselves
Not only to HOPE
But realized that great wealth is within their reach
Overcome their fears and doubts
Work on their mindsets

Actions that can lead to live the life they imagined for themselves
Let them realize their potentials
And in return be able to give back to the community and to the world

Well, that’s my dream, and my dream for you too...

I hope you can join me in this community.

Here are the 4 Modules we will cover in The Wealthy Pinay Boot Camp

1. Know Yourself and Your Money Blocks
2. Goal Setting and the Proper Way to Do It
3. Manifesting - Mantras, Positive Thoughts and Mental Exercises You Can Practice Everyday
4. The Wealthy Pinay Strategy

Once you register, you will receive personalized log-in credentials to The Wealthy Pinay member site which will give you access to all modules.

Each module will have videos, reading materials and exercises that you can work on.

As a member of The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp, you will automatically get invited to The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp Facebook Group. THIS IS PRICELESS.

One major factor in achieving success is surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who has the same goal - in our case, FREEDOM.

The Wealthy Pinay Bootcamp Facebook Group encourages everyone to participate by asking questions, give advices, encourage each and every member to follow their dreams and just go for it.

And once you are a member of The Wealthy Pinay Boot Camp, you will have lifetime access to the website and will receive all updates on the modules for FREE.

I have so much faith in this course and I believe it will be life-changer for you. It’s your time. You are ready. You deserve it.