Train Your Brain For Abundance

I went for business lunch the other day and the food in the hotel was fantastic. It started with an amazing entree followed by grilled protein – sea bream, lamb chops, wagyu beef, chicken and then we finish it off with an amazing desert.

Train your brain
Train your brain
Train your brain

It was complimentary lunch although, as a habit, I did a mental calculation of how much was the total bill and jot it on my ‘faith’ notebook afterwards. It’s an abundance exercise I started a few years ago.

Some women prefers to list all their expenses everyday. Grocery bills, Starbucks coffee, gum, rent, gym membership, etc. It’s a good habit for sure (although I stopped doing it a decade ago, that’s a different topic) especially if it helps managing¬† your budget. Although for me, I prefer to track the money that goes in rather than what goes out.

I have a small pad where I write the monetary value of everything I receive as salary, gift, treat, incentive, etc.
Someone buys me a cup of coffee – I put around 18 dirhams into my log.
I received my monthly salary – that goes in there too.
My company includes my children to the medical plan – that’s extra money saved so I put the medical value into my notebook.

May it be picking up 1 dirham from the street (money from the Universe, woohoo!) or special gift from a loved one, all these make me feel truly abundant.

Why training your brain is important?

“What you believe becomes your reality”

If only I can tell this mantra to each and every people I know and come across with, I will.
It’s so true that I don’t know how come everyone won’t use it on their own advantage.

Our brain processes millions of things in a day and we rarely reflect on what we think. After all, who thinks about thinking? What we perceive as ‘truth’, our conclusions of who we are and capable of, anything that we feel with conviction will all grow and add up to become our physical reality. It’s a very exciting thought, right?

And do you know that you are already living your perception about yourself? Your current situation is an accumulation of all things you think you’re capable of achieving or not achieving. The house you’re living in, the job you have, the partner you’re with, all material possessions, places you’ve visited and everything and everyone around you are in fact the result of all your thoughts.

Beware though, as I mentioned earlier, we seldom filter our thoughts. Most of us just think without actually thinking.

Saw your friend enjoying the sand and sea in Maldives – “Want to go there but too expensive”
Sending your child to a private school – “I can’t afford that school”
You see a sick child asking for help – “I want to but don’t have extra money”
You spill water – “I’m so stupid”

These thoughts, no matter how small or insignificant (as you think), build up. And overtime, as you keep on repeating them, our mind thinks that it is really the ‘truth’. Don’t be surprised then that it shows up in your physical world.

So is there something we can do to train our brain for abundance. YES! We can do a lot of things. Let me give you 3 abundance exercises that I regularly practice.

Exercise 1 – I believe it’s possible.

You can only achieve something that you perceive is a possibility.
Can you imagine being a millionaire?
Can you imagine donating millions of pesos to your favorite charity?
Can you imagine getting your dream job?

NO? Then it will never happen.

The first exercise is to train your brain that what you want is within reach. Yes, it might require time. Yes, you will need to work harder. Yes, it requires some sacrifice but it is possible.


It took years before we finally decided to build our own home. My mindset has never been ‘it’s too expensive’ but rather ‘when the time is right’. Instead of saying ‘I cannot afford it’, ask yourself ‘how can I afford it?’.

When a negative thought crosses your mind saying you can’t do it, catch yourself and say aloud – IT IS POSSIBLE!
When your project is turning downhill and you’re losing hope, say aloud – IT IS POSSIBLE!
Husband is telling that he can’t buy you that dream Chanel bag – smack him on the face and scream IT IS POSSIBLE! ūüôā

This exercise requires constant reminder and mindful thinking. Unlike when we were kids that we believe everything is possible, as we grow older, society ingrained in us that ‘life is unfair’ and ‘you can’t have everything in life”. Sad isn’t? But now we know better.

Exercise 2 –¬†There’s plentiful for everyone.

Fear of scarcity is usually the cause of negative things in life.
We’re scared that we will end up one day with nothing so we tend to hoard, not share, eat a lot, and do things that reflects our scarcity mindset.

Some people won’t share information because of fear that their ideas will be copied. Women (and men) stay in unhealthy relationships for fear that no one will love them again. Many fear of leaving their dreadful job because finding another one is difficult.

But have you ever been scared that there would be not enough oxygen for you and me? Never right? Because air is abundant! It is everywhere. If we apply the same analogy to our day to day life, you will for sure feel abundant!

I love sharing information. If someone ask how I started SLIAN NAILS¬†then I will be more than willing to share the story. Friends ask specific questions about the business and I answer as best as I can. I’m not scared to tell them what I know or the mistakes I did. I don’t fear that my business will suffer because of it.

Slian Nails

Remember that there’s enough resources for everyone to go around. Learn to share your time, money, talent and gifts.

Exercise 3 – I am thankful.

Saying that your thankful is different from truly feeling that you’re grateful.
Cursing the traffic because you’re late at work is not being grateful.
Getting upset that internet is slow doesn’t show that your grateful.
Angry that your sales is low today is not a reflection that you’re grateful.

I understand that these emotions are normal yet if we let these negative thoughts ruin our day or let it overpower us that we already lose focus on what truly matters then be aware.

To help yourself practice gratitude, here our several exercises you can do:

  1. Keep a gratitude notebook. Make it a habit to write down your gratefulness to God, Allah, Universe, Jesus, Mother Nature or to any Divine Being you believe in. The same way you pour your emotions when watching K-Pop, let your heart overflow with love and gratefulness when writing your blessings. Count every single thing.
  2. As soon as you wake up, before your feet even touch the floor, say thanks.
  3. Carry with you any object that can be considered as a gratitude token. A rosary, a rock, a ball, a crucifix. Anything that will remind you to spend a minute of silence amidst your busy schedule. You can put it inside your bag, on your bedside drawer, or on your work desk.

Focus on what you want to achieve and hopefully these exercises will help train your brain for abundance. Read these other articles if you need more encouragement…

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Do you have any tips that can be shared to our fellow TWPs? Please comment below.

P.S. If you haven’t done so, download my free e-book¬†which would help identify what’s preventing you from being wealthy.¬† And I’ll end this post with a request to share this article if you think it will help someone in your inner circle. Remember, sharing is caring.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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