5 Tips To Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Powerful Goals

Another year, another chance, another opportunity.

Most of us welcome this year with full of hope and positivity. Because why not, right?
It’s like we are given the chance to start anew and it feels like we are starting from scratch.
All the frustrations and pain that the previous year brought us can be forgotten.
All the things that didn’t materialized last year might happen this year.

In a way that’s true!

Unless you are dead, the chance that you can do something differently in your future is very probable.
And that’s the good thing about welcoming new year.
It gives us hope.

But I hope you just don’t end up wishing because I know you know that it doesn’t end there.
Writing new year resolutions is not enough.
Listing down your goals to achieve this year won’t do any good if you don’t follow it up with actions, and heaps of determination. But I think you already know that.
Because just like me you have done resolutions before and most of them fail.

And you are more frustrated with yourself more than anything else because you know that if only you were more courageous, more disciplined, more consistent then your goals could have happened.
You are self aware. You know what needs to be done but you lack the will to pursue them.

I’m here to give you some tips on how you can turn your new year resolutions to reality.

How to turn New Year Resolutions Into Powerful Goals

  1. Decide what you really want
    ‘Have more time with my family’
    ‘Lose weight’
    ‘Be more patient’
    ‘Be happy’They are all good resolutions but it’s difficult to quantify.

    If you spend 2 hours a day with your family, will you be happy? And will you count the time you are cleaning the house while the kids are playing? And how will you know if you achieve happiness? Difficult to answer, right?

    I will let you decide what you want to write. It’s your life. But can I say one thing? Can you make sure that it is something you have been wanting so much? Something that you have been dreaming for ages to achieve. Something that will make you so excited that you can’t wait to make it happen!

    Most resolutions fail because we realized it’s something that we just want during the start of the year and mostly out of whim but after a few months we lost the desire to continue because we realized that it’s not really that important to us.

  2. Be Realistic
    You know I’m an advocate of dreaming bigger and aiming for the stars but I am also a realist in nature.If you for a fact haven’t sold a single thing in your life except ice candies then don’t write ‘Be the next Lucio Tan of the new generation’ because it won’t probably be a reality this year. Your resolutions should be something that you can see happening in immediate future. If you’re life long dream is to open a Korean restaurant in your area and you don’t have any business experience whatsoever then I suggest list down skills you would like to harness first this year like communication or marketing skills.

    And how can you do that practically? You can make it a goal to read 1 book per month about selling and marketing. You can make it a goal to talk to 10 businessmen and women you know and ask them of their experience, advice or tips

    If you feel like having that business is not this year (yet) then do something to prepare yourself.

  3. Write it down
    Yup, you have to write it down. Don’t trust your memory remembering it unless you only have 1 or 2 resolutions this year. Don’t put your goals on a piece of paper where there is great chance you will misplaced them.My best advice is to buy a journal (if you still don’t have one yet). Writing your goal is one step closer on making it happen. And the reason why I want you to write a journal is because of point number 4 below.
  4. Outline the actions you need to take
    If the goal is to save 100,000 by the end of the year, how can you achieve it?
    What are things you need to do to make it happen?
    When are you going to do these steps?
    Do you need help or can you figure this out yourself?If you write ‘do not spend on unnecessary things’ as one of your action points to save 100,000 then you will fail. Guaranteed!
    Because you will spend on unnecessary things for sure. I can already hear you having these lines:

    “Oh, this movie time with my friends is necessary to keep me sane”
    “I have to treat myself once in a while, I deserve it”
    “All work no play is not good for overall health. Having some fun is good”

    So you will spend, and you will continue to spend.

    Am I telling you to be a scrooge? Hell NO!
    I want you to enjoy life. That’s my advocacy.
    I actually don’t believe in saving to be honest. For me, the goal is always “How can I afford it?”
    “How can I afford to travel to Paris?”
    “How can I afford to stay at home?”
    “How can I afford being near my parents?”

    Going back to the given goal earlier. If the plan is to save 100,000 this year, what are the actions you need to take to achieve it? It could be doing some online business that can pay your monthly transportation cost. It could be selling brownies in your office building that the income generated can cover your everyday meals. It could be removing any unnecessary monthly or yearly subscriptions you availed or any extra insurance you bought.

    If you really want to make it happen, you have to plan on how you can achieve it. There’s no other way.

  5. Review it often.
    Writing it down once won’t make it real. Goals require lots of small actions going forward to make it happen.
    And revisiting your goals will help you remember the joy and excitement you felt when you first wrote it down.
    Don’t lose that determination. That’s the fuel that will keep your passion burning.

    I know that it is unrealistic to feel upbeat and overflowing with joy everyday, I won’t even tell you to try.
    But remember that the only person who can help you achieve whatever you want is yourself. Not your friends, not your parents, not your husband, not your mentor, not me. People around you can only give advice, encouragement, tips and support. But the action should start from you.The desire to continue and make it happen should come from you.


Whatever is your goal this year, please take action.

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