Marketing for Introverts

We imagine entrepreneurs as go-getters, achievers and relentless bunch of hyperactive people. They speak confidently and don’t mind lots of attention. Entrepreneurs have no issues promoting their business and do it with flair and ease.

Then you and me realize that although we don’t really fit into the above description, we have the entrepreneurial genes too!

We love success – check!
We’re passionate – check!
We value hard work – check!
Crazy – BIG CHECK!

The Wealthy Pinay community composes of Filipinas determined to make things happen and make a difference. High five girl, I’m so proud of you!

You might be selling products now or providing your professional service. It might just be your side-business or already considering to go full time and make it your main source of income. Whatever it is, you know that the ultimate aim is for the business to flourish.

So we focus on our product and service to make sure that it is the best. We are managing our finances well because we know it’s an important aspect of the business. We are focusing on customer service because we love seeing them satisfied and happy. We’re hiring the best staff because we value their input to the business. We hustle, hustle, hustle.

We are doing everything well except we don’t really want to sell. HUWAATTT?? So basically, we are hoping that by simply launching our business, everyone will give us their money and that’s it. How perfect!

Except that it’s not how the world of business goes…

Can you see yourself here? Are you the type who loves everything about your business except promoting it?  

Introverts can never be an attention seeker. We love quietness. We enjoy our alone time. Personally, I’d rather write a book than make a video for this blog.

“Notice Me! Notice Me! Said almost no introvert ever.”

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying that all introverts dislike marketing. Just like anything in life, we shouldn’t generalize. This post is for introverts like me who finds marketing a challenge)

So are we, introverts, doomed to fail? Should we just settle that we can’t be truly successful and admit that we have limitations to go further?

I BEG TO DISAGREE! We might be introverts, but we are fighters. We are introverts but we love success. And this article is to share with you some mindset shifts that has been truly serving me well and I hope can help you too.


Embrace your introvertedness

Ok, I’m not even sure if there such a term – introvertedness – but I know you get it because you’re smart 😉. Instead of seeing our introvert personality as a disadvantage, know that some of our qualities are actually a blessing. We listen and pay attention. We are self-aware. We are never pushy. And while extroverts enjoy outdoors and stimulating activities, most introverts love reading and writing which can be used for copywriting that perfect sales pitch or researching on latest marketing trends.

Marketing is not all about being noisy yah know. Claim your introvert power and embrace all the quirks and strengths that goes with it. Yes, everybody can improve but it doesn’t mean we need to change.

Marketing is a form of manifestation

Mindset is a huge part of manifestation. When we do marketing, our main goal is attract customers. We think of ways to get their attention, to notice us and eventually see our value that they will finally decide to purchase from us. The whole process generates positive vibrations coming from our excitement, optimism and pride. And you know that vibrations attract more of what we release right?

Therefore continuous marketing that is done with enthusiasm, gratitude and joy creates tenfolds of positive energy. Can you imagine then its effect to our business? Amazing isn’t!

Imagine your desired end result while creating that Facebook post, or baking that cake, or book keeping, or while in queue paying the business bills. Whatever tasks you are doing, remember to do it with passion, faith and positivity.

Remember that you are doing service to the world

One thing that I always try to remember when I feel embarrass sharing my videos is that I’m doing a good service to my community. My intention is really to help my fellow Wealthy Pinays to reach their potentials and live their ideal life. And I won’t be able to do it if I let my ‘introvertedness‘ rule over my good judgement.

Same with my nail salon, I always remind myself that the mission of SLIAN NAILS is to bring luxury to residents of Obando and Valenzuela. I want my community to experience high quality, hygienic nail treatments without travelling far from our place and spending a fortune.

Don’t get me wrong, I want money and the the plan is to generate lots of income from our businesses. But money is not the be-all and end-all of a business – a business owner needs to identify, first and foremost, the question “What problem am I solving?” and “How can I help?”.

So next time you feel shy to market your business, remember that you are not doing this for yourself but rather for your target customers.

Find a marketing approach that fits your personality and style

There are so many many marketing techniques out there and don’t hesitate to try several of them and see how it fits your business, budget and your personality. Do you like promoting your business on Facebook and Instagram? Would you like to send out emails to your list? How about sending group sms? Some might consider giving out flyers, radio advertisement or even hiring someone to actually do the job.

As you mature as an entrepreneur, you will gain more knowledge and confidence of what works well and can ditch techniques that don’t serve its purpose.



To be honest, I used to consider selling as my least favorite business activity. Although I love talking and sharing my thoughts to a small group of people, it’s not natural for me to approach someone out of the blue and make chika. I would rather focus on finance and development side of the business than marketing.

But then again and again, I practice these mindset shift exercises repeatedly. After sometime I started gaining more confidence and I’m doing it now with more ease. I still love to read and I would still love creating content more than anything but I now love the engagement I’m receiving from you. Happy Marketing!

Of all frame, why did it get stuck at this moment? Mukha akong ewan! Kaasar!!!


P.S. Any business topics you want me to discuss? Please leave a reply at the comments section 🙂

Any ‘AHA’ moments while reading this? Please join in the discussion and help me create a more engaging community. Thank you lovelies ❤


Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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