A Guide For Exceptional Pinays
To Create Their First Class Life

Dreamer. Believer. Action-taker.
A book personally dedicated to all high-achiever Pinays.

"I have YOU in mind when I was writing this book. The things I learned and practice are not rocket science yet it made a million (literally and figuratively) impact in my life. It surprises me that no one shares these lessons openly."

-Lyn Joy Talag-Cruz

Lynjoy's honest insight and passionate delivery will get you up and moving, to live the life you have imagined for yourself. I especially like the TWP's simple and relatable strategy to financial freedom. This book is worth reading again and again!

Jem Braganza, Sydney

Inspired and motivated. It hit a lot of emotional spots. This is a book that I would share with a friend to help or inspire them. This book is not just a one reader that after reading you would never read again but more of a friend, something to go back to when you need inspiration and a reminder that the power is within you to change your situation.

Jean Sablay, Parañaque

Entrepreneur, OFW and self-made millionaire Lyn Joy Talag-Cruz not only believes it's possible, she wholeheartedly knows it's possible.

The Wealthy Pinay: A Guide For Exceptional Pinays To Create Their First Class Life is more than a book - it's an all-in-one reference guide for all Filipinas who are dreamers, doers and want to create their first class life, however they want to live it.

What is the book all about?

Lyn Joy gives clear, easy to follow, and effective instructions on how to improve your financial status – without cheating anyone, joining a dodgy networking or trading your soul to the devil. With her witty, no BS straight talk, she will show you how to work on your money issues and will give practical steps to achieve your goals.

Enough with hoping!
Stop procrastinating!
Dream. Believe. Take Action.


This book will show you how to...

* Figure out what prevents you from reaching your goals and smash those money blocks!

* Effectively write goals and provide practical step-by-step instructions to guarantee that you’ll achieve them.

* Use the Law of Attraction in all areas of your life, including business and money.

* Live the life you have imagined for yourself.


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