Be Ambitious or Be Satisfied?

“Relationships are more important than ambition”

“Your ambition is crippling your happiness”

“Ambitious people are so unhappy”

“When ambition ends, happiness begins”


Ahhhh… can you see where this is going? Society has been telling us that to be truly happy, you have to be contented. So when we start working hard for a project, when going gets tough, when we are on the verge of a breakthrough, we suddenly stop.

We stop because we believe that health, relationship, happiness and all these positive values are more important than success and ambition. We are taught that chasing dreams causes stress which results in sickness or worst death. I don’t want to die yet!

But why do we have to choose?

Why is it that we either have to be ambitious OR be satisfied with our lives? Is it not possible to experience both?

Let me tell you two key truths…

Continue growing

Why is it that men who strive hard and go all out for their dreams are considered great? Yet if a woman starts being ambitious, strong-willed, speak their mind and smart then it’s usually frown upon.

From the start, women are conditioned to be nurturers and caretakers. We are the weaker gender. It’s expected that we will cry, ask for help, follow and surrender (although men are experiencing double standards too – boys don’t cry, they have to be the breadwinner, etc). And because of this ‘expectation’ from us, we feel guilty being ambitious.

But let me tell you girl – Embrace the drive you have.

As a human being, we are born to grow, create and contribute. Since we were born, we are constantly growing. We want knowledge. We want answers. To truly enjoy life and find peace, we have to work on something meaningful, something that challenges us to do more and give more.

This is when it’s good to figure out your ‘WHY’
Why do you want to succeed?
Why do you want to achieve whatever goal you have?
Why does it matter to you?

Because being true to your WHY will bring you back to what’s important.

And don’t worry if your driving factor now is money. Remember, money is a very powerful and great tool. Money frees us up from our financial worries. Not worrying about money will makes us focus on whatever that brings us real joy.


Enjoy the journey

Our lives are always an ever-changing adventure. There will be ups and downs. We will surely feel triumphs and defeats. On this journey called life, we will go through this adventure, there is no way to avoid it.
However, how we face the ‘downs’ and ‘defeats’ is what makes our journey bearable (or even enjoyable!).

As a woman wearing so many hats, be aware that you can’t be everywhere and you have to accept it peacefully. It doesn’t make you less of a mom, wife, daughter, businesswoman or a friend if you fail to show up once in a while.
And besides be proud that you are multi-faceted, strong willed and determined. The world needs you.


“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hardwork never stops, neither should your dreams”

So to you my fellow Wealthy Pinay – cheers to our journey to Financial Freedom! Let’s see each other there!

Let me know your thoughts, let’s chat on the comments section below.

Live The Life and Business You Have Imagined!

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