18 Things You Might Not Know About Me

After that ‘controversial mutual fund story‘ I shared last week, let me share something light and fun this week. I woke up realizing that not everyone who reads The Wealthy Pinay or follows the page on Facebook knows me personally. When you’re starting any venture, the obvious first people who will be interested on what your showcasing will be family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. My sister was the first person who liked TWP Facebook page followed by my cousin. While I don’t have visibility on who is reading this blog, I can of course see who’s following the FB page. And when I checked today I was surprised that half of them are not really connected with me personally.

So to give you a glimpse of who is Lyn Joy Talag-Cruz, let me share with you 18 Things You Might Know About Me. I won’t be surprised if my friends and some family members wouldn’t know this too! Why 18 you might ask, well because I run out of things to say 😊

1. I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched May Minamahal of Aga and Aiko!

It’s not my favorite movie but during our Satwa days, there’s no internet available where we live and the only vcd movie we had was May Minamahal. We would watch it almost every Friday and that’s a big deal for someone who doesn’t like movies!

2. I’m a social drinker

Although admittedly, I also drink alone so that’s not so social, right? I’m actually having a glass of wine while writing this.

Yes, it was supposed to be 20 but can’t really think of anything to add so I cut it to 18 😂

3. I almost didn’t enroll one college semester because my dad can’t renew his job contract.

I don’t know how they managed but my parents always make impossible turn to possible and they were able to send all their 6 kids to high school and college with odd jobs and small business ventures.

4. I really wanted to be a singer or at least learn to play the guitar

I am a frustrated singer who doesn’t own a karaoke. My fave karaoke song? Forever’s not enough, the Sarah Geronimo version.

5. I love reading

We cannot afford books when I was a kid so I would go to my tita‘s house and read their encyclopedia collections. When there’s nothing else to read then I’ll go through the dictionary. I would read shampoo bottles, the newspaper used to wrapped tinapas, Abante 😂. I would read anything that has written words in it.

6. I’m pro-Philippines.

I have a love-hate relationship with President Duterte and I can’t be fooled with fake news. Google is free and I always use it to check facts (mind you though, not everything you see in there is 100% accurate either). I hate it when people call each other Dutertards or Dilawan.

7. I have 5 other siblings (4 sisters in Australia and 1 brother in Abu Dhabi) and I’m the boss, I mean the eldest 🙂

I used to feel embarrass having a big family when I was a kid. Imagine taking a jeepney and already occupying half of it LOL. But I’m super duper thankful now of being with this family. We’re all crazy fun!


8. I really truly want to encourage family, friends and basically everyone in the planet to dream big and believe it’s possible for them.

I feel glad whenever I hear family and friends talks about starting a business or finding an investment that they want to pursue. The fact that they can think of it makes it possible for them. Most of the time I want to give them all the business and money mindset advice in the world but I would stop because I don’t want to overwhelm them. But just you know friends, I’m always here.

9. My dad passed away on his 62nd birthday.

He was a good cook and funny in a Rico Puno way. He was a chef so obviously he loved food and all of his kids inherited that (both the love of food and cooking)

10. I was never really a bright student in school although I don’t have failing grades either.

You can say that I’m a great team player but never volunteered to be a leader. Interesting that I’m now willing to lead and be heard to share my message.

11. I can see ghosts.

Or do you call them spirits? My inner circle knows this but I’m not a medium so don’t book me for your paranormal search please. I can’t actually see anything if I’m intentionally looking for one. Only when I don’t think of it or expecting to ‘see’ anything that I will actually see them. Am I scared? Not really but my skin crawl whenever I see black spirits.

12. I’m an OFW for more than 13 years now.

I came to Dubai in 2005 and started as a receptionist. I change company 3 times and now an Office Manager slash HR working for a can manufacturing company. Going back to Philippines next year is a big leap of faith but you can’t imagine how excited I am that I’m finally doing it. A fellow OFW might be able to relate.

My gosh! I was less than 50 kilos then and severely underweight for my 5’5 height. I have a different concern now and that’s how to reduce weight. 

13. I’m a Catholic but not religiously practicing it

I go to church from time to time. I don’t do any sacrifice doing Holy Week. I have my children baptized and I plan that they go through the Holy Sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I may not possess all traits of a real good Catholic girl but I believe that my relationship with Him is not based on how often I attend the Sunday mass or if I pray the rosary everyday.

14. I’m a good cook

Well, my dad was an excellent chef and I definitely got the skills from him. I just learned how too cook when I moved to Dubai because my mom never taught me and my siblings how. She reasoned that 1 kilo of pork is too pricey for us to try cooking adobo ourselves.

15. I was a previous college teacher

In one computer college in Makati. I just graduated from college and a kid myself when I started working as a professor. I really think teaching is a vocation and I don’t have the passion for it but in retrospect, I love teaching about life and wealthy mindset but not math, coding nor web design.

16. I’m so empathetic.

I can literally feel the pains and emotions of others as though they were mine.

17. I’m extremely hard headed, but also extremely open-minded

Weird but it works for me. I don’t easily get persuaded by opinions of others but I always listen on what they say. I don’t judge easily and always give people the benefit of the doubt.

18. I don’t like movies or music

For me music is noise as soon as the sound reaches a certain volume. My husband jokes that I have a lola-level tolerance with noise. Yes, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I also don’t like watching movies either in cinema or at home. I would say that I watch movies twice a year, 3 maximum and definitely because Biel is watching it too.


That’s it pansit! I’m currently on a 1-week break celebrating our 12th year wedding anniversary.

This is after our church wedding in 2012. A very simple ceremony followed by lunch attended by our immediate family. My introvert self dislikes big party for myself.

And this is taken last Sunday, our first hotel out of 3 that we are visiting this week. 

Have a good day peeps. Love you all ❤️

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